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Seven people face various drug-related charges following four investigations conducted by the sheriff’s department.

Hickman community:

•Two people face charges after sheriff’s department officers went to serve a warrant on an individual in the Hickman community. According to an offense report filed by K-9 officer Sgt. Junior Fields, he along with fellow officers Sgt. Kendra Grisham and Deputy Ray Biggs went to a Hickman Road residence to serve a warrant on an individual identified as Bernie Franklin, 61, Hickman. Upon arrival at the residence, officers made contact with Stanford Crouch, 52, Nashville, standing at a vehicle. Sgt. Fields observed a pill bottle laying on a quilt on the front passenger side of the vehicle. According to the offense, Crouch told officers the bottle was for Gabapentin.

The officer also observed a bag containing marijuana which was discovered when Crouch opened a center console to obtain his driver’s license. A search of the vehicle revealed D-Amphetamine Salt (Adderall) pills which was filled on December 10 and only had 27 and one-half pills of the 60 pill prescription inside, according to the officer’s report. Also, inside the bottle was one-half of a Buprenorphine pill and seven Cloazepam pills, according to the officer’s report.

In addition, a tin foil marijuana pipe with burnt marijuana was located. According to the officer’s report, Crouch alleged “that Mr. Franklin gave him four dollars each for the pills and bought him a cellphone. Franklin was charged with criminal responsibility (a general session court charge) and possession of a weapon by a felon (a criminal court charge). Bond for Franklin was set at $25,000. Franklin was to appear in criminal court on December 18 on the possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and in general sessions court on February 18 (2021) on the criminal responsibility charge.

Crouch was charged with felony possession of drug paraphernalia, manufacture/delivery/sale of a controlled substance, three counts of possession of a controlled substance and prescription drug fraud. Crouch to appear in general sessions court of February 18. The investigation took place on December 10.