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With the Great American Eclipse less than two weeks away, events for that day and days leading up to Monday, August 21 continue to be formalized.

“Our campgrounds (Defeated Creek and Salt Lick Creek) are full,” said Mark Herd, Cordell Hull Lake Resource Manager. “We encourage everyone to use our facilities. Just be safe about it and use eclipse glasses.”

The day of the eclipse, Park Ranger Ashley Webster will hold a program about the eclipse at the “big” shelter at the Defeated Creek Campgrounds. The presentation will include compass/sun scavenger hunt, constellation sheet, crossword puzzle and the opportunity to make a solar eclipse to take home. The presentation begins at 9 a.m. Webster will make the presentation to those staying at the campgrounds in Defeated and Salt Lick Creek on Saturday and Sunday (August 19-20).

The Cordell Lake, Cumberland River, Caney Fork River, as well as acess areas such as boat ramps are expected to be prime view areas.

There will be no fee at day use areas the day of the eclipse.

Also, the Smith County Heritage Museum will be open special hours the day before the event.

The museum will be open from 1-4 p.m., Sunday, August 20, with new exhibits to view.

Eclipse happenings:

•A Total Eclipse of the Sun Festival will be taking place in downtown Carthage. The event will take place on the day of the eclipse and is expected to include local vendors, an 80’s DJ, live music, bounce house, food and raffle. Eclipse glasses will be available. The event will run from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. For additional information individuals can contact 615-486-1711 or 615-486-1567.

•Schools will be closed on eclipse day.

•County officials have designated four public viewing locations, the Defeated Creek Recreational Area, Crump Paris Park/agriculture center (South Carthage), Ivy Agee Park (Gordonsville) and city park and former mobile home park site on Industrial Drive in Carthage. Various activities will be taking place at each of these locations.

•The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is encouraging the public to view the total eclipse at Corps of Engineer operated lakes including Cordell Hull Lake. Duration time for the total eclipse for Defeated is two minutes and 35 seconds. The total eclipse can also be viewed from the Cumberland River and Caney Fork River in Smith County.

•The Defeated Creek Marina is hosting an eclipse festival which will begin on Friday and continue through Monday.

•Living Waters Ministries in Gordonsville will host visitors.