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Dixon Springs man content in unique garden

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

During warm weather months, Dixon Springs resident Jackie Oldham can quite often be found working in his garden during the early mourning.

Located directly behind his Dixon Springs Highway house, it’s not your typical backyard garden.

Then again, Oldham is not your typical gardener.

At 83 years-old, Oldham’s first task of the day is cooking a healthy breakfast, generally before daylight. An early riser, Oldham usually gets out of bed around 4 a.m.

As daylight breaks, Oldham makes his way to his massive garden, covering an entire acre which might seem a bit much for someone who lives alone.

Oldham consumes very little produce from his over-sized garden, but notes he enjoys a tomatoes sandwich. (A slice of tomato with mayonnaise on loaf bread.)

“I could live on tomato sandwiches,” says Oldham.

The fruits of Oldham’s labor do not go to waste as relatives, neighbors and friends benefit from his hours of hard work. All given away free to the recipient.

While Oldham’s passion is gardening, the Dixon Spring resident feels a much greater need to be compassionate, which is often over looked these days.

“I want to do what I can for my family and friends”, says the 83-year-old.


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  1. Betty-Marie B. Reid on July 20, 2023 at 4:56 pm

    Love to read articles like this which are uplifting & show a true witness that there are still people who love one another & do more than just state it, they live it out loud.
    Bro. Charles Allen Gentry of North Carthage also lived his love out loud, preached over 2,000 funeral & was loved by so many. This article made me remember him who last week joined his wife in God’s Heavenly choir.

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