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School board hires architectural firm for CTE building

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

Renovation of the former Save-A-lot building in Carthage is expected to begin in the weeks ahead.

The county’s school board, which now owns the property, approved a contract for an architectural firm to oversee renovation of the building, during this month’s meeting.

Earlier this year, the school board purchased the facility with federal funds. 

Plans are to renovate the building for use as a technical skills facility where students would be trained for various occupations, graduating from high school workforce ready.

The building, which is being technically called a “CTE Learning Center” will be used  for both classroom instruction as well as technical skills training.

Those in the education field say they are witnessing an increasing number of students choosing not to attend college after high school.

More and more high school graduates are opting for various skilled trade occupations, many of which pay a higher salary than jobs requiring a college degree.


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