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School board members have approved a three percent raise.

The pay increase is for “all school board employees” including teachers, cooks, school bus drivers, custodians, assistants and other staff members.

In addition, the school board could hand out a one-time bonus because of staff having to deal with COVID issues.

School board members have discussed a one-time bonus of as much as one thousand dollars.

The pay increase and one-time bonus surfaced during the school board’s August meeting last week.

During the discussion, board member Randy Glover noted a three percent raise was not enough for employees because of the extra burden related to COVID issues.

Following a school board plan to increase pay over a series of years, Director Barry Smith noted all employees have received an almost 10 percent pay increase during the past couple of years.

The bonus would be a “one time” and not reoccurring expense like the series of three percent pay increases.

Some school board members such as Tommy Manning and Ricky Shoulders felt the director should be given time to decide where funding for the bonus would come from.

Director Smith is expected to provide that information to the school at its upcoming September meeting.

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