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More ‘A’ students with change

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

More students are expected to see “A’s” on their report cards this school year because of a new grading scale.

In addition, the new grading scale is expected to result in more straight “A” students.

In turn, this will increase the likelihood of additional students receiving college scholarships.

The change is the result of a new state law implemented with the 2022-2023 school year changing school system grading scales across the state.

In previous years, public school systems in Tennessee were on what was known as a seven-point grading scale.

Statewide, all public school systems, including Smith County, are now on a 10-point grading scale, according to state officials.

With the change, an “A” letter grade corresponds to scoring a percentage between 90 and 100, a “B” grade is between 80 and 89, a “C” grade is between 70 and 79, a “D” grade is between 60 and 69 and an “F” grade is within the range of zero and 59, according to state officials.

Lawmakers say the new grade scale aligns Tennessee with neighboring state grading scales. 

Also, the change in grading scale is expected to generate additional scholarship recipients by lowering the threshold for an “A” grade from 93 to 90, state lawmakers theorize.

State lawmakers made several other changes pertaining to the school system.


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