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Cordell Hull Dam event Saturday; 50 year celebration

(The following story was written by Bill Peoples with the United States Army Corps of Engineers public information office.)

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville (USACE) District invites the public to attend Cordell Hull Dam’s 50th Anniversary Celebration scheduled for 1 p.m. Saturday, October 7 (2023) at the dam.

The commemorative event will be held on the navigation lock side of the dam at 24 Cordell Park Lane in Elmwood. 

As a security precaution, the public is asked not to bring backpacks or coolers. 

Lawn chairs are allowed, water bottles are permitted, and carpooling is recommended.

Kenny Claywell, Cordell Hull Lake Resource manager, said the celebration event site holds special significance because it is the original site where the dam’s story began.

“The 50th Anniversary celebration is an opportunity for everyone that loves the dam and lake to recognize the history of the construction of the dam and impoundment of the lake, which continues to provide hydropower, navigation, and recreation benefits to the region,” Claywell said. “Today the public enjoys boating, fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking on public lands, recreation areas and campgrounds that were established here for public use 50 years ago.”

Congressman John Rose, Tennessee 6th District; Jackson County Mayor Randy Heady; Smith County Mayor Jeff Mason; Natasha Deane, chairperson of Friends of Cordell Hull Lake; Terrell Stoves, Nashville District’s Mid Cumberland Area manager; Wesley Butler, Cordell Hull Dam Powerplant superintendent; Retired Park Ranger Gerald Lee; and Claywell are speaking during the celebration. Billy Woodward is master of ceremony.


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