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Director of schools gets high marks from board members

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

School board members continue to be impressed by Director of School Barry Smith’s job performance.

In the latest overall rating of the director’s job performance from school board members, the director scored a 97 percent out of a possible 100 percent.

Any score above 81 percent is considered excellent.

Each year, school board members rate the director of schools in four categories planning goals, public relations/communications, board/superintendent relations and personnel evaluation/supervision.

The scores are submitted anonymously by each of the eight school board members.

Four school board members gave the director a perfect 100 percent in all categories.

Two school board members gave the director a 100 percent in all but two categories.

The director’s lowest scores were an 80 percent from one school board member in personnel evaluation and supervision and an 80 percent in public relations/communications from another school board member.

With the exception of the two 80 scores, the director’s scores in all categories from all school board members were well above the excellent mark.

The director received a 98 percent overall rating in planning goals; 96 in public relations/communications; 99 percent in board/superintendent relations and a 95 percent in personnel evaluation and supervision.

The lowest overall scores from a single school board member was 92 percent in planning goals; 90 percent in public relations/communications; 95 percent in board/superintendent relations and 88 percent in personnel evaluation. Even so, all scores are above the excellent score.

Last year, Director Smith scored a 96.75 percent out of a top score of 100 percent.

The year before, the director received 96 percent rating.

Results of the latest ratings were revealed at the June school board meeting.

The director was appointed to his position by the school board  in March of 2014 and took office in June of that year.

The following year (2015), Director Smith received a rating of 83 percent, his lowest rating since being appointed.

Since 2016, Director Smith has received a rating of 90 or above each year.

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