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Carthage couple become paranormal investigators

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

As a youth Carthage resident Steven Denson says he witnessed his grandfather pass down the hallway of his family’s home.

It would have been an ordinary occurrence other than his grandfather had passed away.

The incident occurred one night before bedtime and it wasn’t a shadowy or ghostly image as some might envision.

“It was just like you and me,” Denson describes during an interview at his Jackson Avenue home. “It was a real life experience. I believe 100 percent in my heart it was him.”

The Denson family was living in a house located in the Tuckers Crossroads area of neighboring Wilson County when the incident occurred.

Denson’s grandfather had lived in the same house with the family for a period of time.

His grandfather passed away in 1984 when Denson  was eight years old.

It’s an experience which lives with the 41-year-old Carthage resident today, sparking his belief in the paranormal as an adult.

Denson believes after someone passes—in some cases—individuals exist between their life on Earth and final resting place.

As an adult, it was repeated overnight, family trips to what Denson labels a “haunted building” which further peaked Denson’s interest in the paranormal.

Today, Denson and his wife, Terry, are part of a paranormal team, exploring old buildings searching for signs, both by sight and sound, of individuals who have passed away.

In 2020, the couple formed Mid-Tenn Paranormal, a group of five people, including three other individuals from the Cleveland (Tennessee) area, to investigate paranormal activities.

Through the use of special audio and video equipment, the team travels coast to coast exploring old buildings and other venues, conducting what are called paranormal investigations.

Equipment includes infra-red cameras and specialized listening devices.

Interest in the paranormal is on the increase, particularly among teenagers and younger adults Denson says. 

Paranormal investigations are more common in other areas of the country such as the mid-west, western and northeastern states.

So the Densons quite often have to travel great distances to conduct paranormal investigations.

Trips are often on weekends because Steven is employed at a local health facility and Terry is employed at an optometry business in Mount Juliet.

However, some of the Mid-Tenn more recent paranormal investigations have taken place in Tennessee

One of those investigations took place at a former hospital in Parrottsville located in East Tennessee. 


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  1. Kimberly Emmerling on October 26, 2022 at 1:22 am

    Please be careful. Some spirits might be demons. I was attacked by one after going on some investigations and I will never go on another.

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