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One indicted for theft in home build case

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

A Smith County grand jury has indicted a Wilson County man on a theft of property charge for allegedly accepting payments for a home build project but failing to deliver goods or services.

Meanwhile, the grand jury issued a second indictment in connection with the case, claiming the Wilson County resident allegedly attempted to sway the prospective homeowner into having the criminal charge dropped.

During the December session of the grand jury, Aaron D. Vallett, 44, was indicted for “theft of property between $10,000 and $60,000”.

In a separate indictment related to the case, Vallett was indicted on a “bribery of a witness charge”.

The theft of property between $10,000 and $60,000 indictment alleges Vallett withdrew funds from a bank account set aside for construction of a house without the prospective homeowner’s permission and failed to move forward with the construction project or deliver goods. The indictment also alleges the prospective homeowner made an upfront payment to Vallett in order to get the construction project started.

In September, the case was bound over to the grand jury during a preliminary hearing before General Sessions Judge Branden Bellar. 

Meanwhile, the case has been under investigation by the sheriffs department’s detectives division since April of this year.

Charges were filed against Vallett in August by the sheriffs department’s detectives divission.

According to court records, Smith County resident, Brian Mintel, alleges he made an upfront payment to Vallett of $10,000 to begin the house build project and Vallett later withdrew funds from a special bank account set aside for construction of the new house without Mintel’s permission. 


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