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Ebel’s featured on Tennessee Crossroads

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

Ebel’s Tavern was recently featured on Tennessee Crossroads, a familiar program which airs on Nashville’s Public Broadcast Stations (PBS) television station.

Established by Cole and Erika Ebel in 2017, the Carthage restaurant offers one of the more unique dining experiences in the Upper Cumberland.

While well-known among local residents, the restaurant has become a popular food destination for those who live outside the county.

Cindy Carter, one of the show’s broadcast reporters,  conducted the interview for the PBS segment.

Erika Ebel told Carter the couple developed the concept for restaurant by envisioning a place reflective of the William Walton’s colonial days.

Walton owned a tavern quite often filled with spirited visionaries who  conversed of political and other issues common to their respective time in history.

Ebel’s restaurant features a menu not common to small town establishments, including a variety of unique seafood dishes found mainly in large cities, which Erika Ebel explained, is reflective of her Louisiana heritage.

Also, the restaurant’s menu features American staples such as hamburgers and grilled cheese sandwich, which is reflective of Cole Ebel’s Middle Tennessee upbringing.

The restaurant also includes a “kid’s menu”.

Chris Underwood is the restaurant’s head chef.

In addition to traditional soft drinks, the restaurant features beers and wines, many produced in the area.

Meanwhile, the restaurant’s unique decor was touched on during the segment.


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