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Investigation into deadly accident

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

Police likely have a person of interest in a hit and run accident in which a man was struck and killed at Interstate 40’s Gordonsville Exit.

Described by local law enforcement as a hitchhiker, the man was hit by a vehicle at the exit’s west bound on ramp (direction of Wilson County), last Tuesday (May 2).

Friday, the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s (THP) Criminal Investigation Division (CID) unit announced the location of a vehicle which was suspected of being involved in the incident had been located.

As of Monday morning, charges had not been filed in the case and the investigation is ongoing.

Evidence gathered at the scene, including vehicle parts from the impact, surveillance video and other information led law enforcement authorities to the discovery of the vehicle.

When contacted about the incident by the Courier, Thursday (May 4)morning, THP released the following statement: “The victim was a pedestrian sitting on the right shoulder of the Interstate 40 West 258 on-ramp. An unknown vehicle, struck the victim while the victim was seated on the shoulder and then (vehicle) fled the scene headed west bound on I-40. An investigation is ongoing and being conducted by the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s Critical Incident Response Team and the Criminal Investigation Division.”

 Investigation begins:

The investigation into the incident began when emergency services received a call concerning a man lying on the shoulder of the road at the west bound on ramp to Interstate 40 at 7:18 p.m.

When emergency personnel, including Gordonsville Police Officer Dustin Holder and ambulance personnel, arrived on the scene it was discovered the man was deceased.

Local law enforcement contacted THP who summoned the agency’s CIRT unit to the scene.

Since the incident occurred on the Interstate 40 right-of-way, THP is leading the investigation into the deadly accident.

The victim was described by local law enforcement as an “older man”, and was not a local resident.

The victim was believed to be hitchhiking west along Interstate 40, according to local law enforcement.

Earlier in the day, Tuesday, a man, said to be the victim, was seen by multiple individuals sitting on or near a guard rail at the intersection playing a guitar, occasionally waving at motorists.

The victim’s guitar was said to be destroyed in the incident and knocked several feet from the victim. Also, the man’s backpack was discovered several feet away.

The victim was discovered lying a few yards from the bottom of the on ramp (intersection with Gordonsville Highway).

One of the missions of the THP’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is to investigate vehicular homicides and assaults.


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