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Pickleball may be next emerging sport

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

In spite of it’s quirky name, pickleball is set to become the county’s next emerging sport.

Many local residents may have never heard the word “pickleball” much less be familiar with the game’s rules.

While popular among middle age to older adults for its exercise value, it’s also a game youth are likely to enjoy playing once becoming familiar with how to play the sport.

Carthage United Methodist Church Youth Leader Tucker Huseth, a certified instructor of the game, is looking to introduce the sport to younger residents at the church, as well as others.

While attending Middle Tennessee State University as a student, the youth leader taught pickleball in Murfreesboro schools.

Huseth says there are a number of youth at the church who are interested in learning to play the game.

“It’s cheap to get into. They (youth) have the desire to play the game, says Huseth.

Also, the youth leader says there are some adult members of the church who have already taken up the sport.

Church officials are looking at the possibility of having a court in their activities facility.


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