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Multiple shots fired; Man faces ‘terrorist act’, ten other charges

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

A man faces an “act of terrorism”, as well as ten other charges after firing multiple shots from a handgun during an incident which occurred at the Exxon Convenience Market in Gordonsville.

The man, identified as Jeffrey Allen Martinez, 33, Howe, Texas, was taken into custody without incident by Gordonsville Police Department Lt. Scott Hale and sheriff’s department Sgt. Jimmy Lankford shortly after firing shots into a glass door and a vehicle at the convenience market located on Gordonsville Highway (Highway 53) last Tuesday (September 5) afternoon.

Immediately after being detained, an ambulance was called to the scene, as the suspect was said to have overdosed.

Friday afternoon, Martinez was picked up at Sumner County Medical Center in Gallatin, where he had been undergoing treatment since being taken into custody on Tuesday afternoon.

Martinez was transported to the county jail where he was served warrants on the charges and booked. 

Monday, Martinez was being held in the county jail without bond.

In addition to the act of terrorism charge, Martinez has been charged by Gordonsville police with three counts of reckless endangerment, three counts of aggravate assault, possession of firearm while under the influence, possession of a weapon by felon, possession of schedule II drug and felony possession of drug paraphernalia.

Gordonsville Police Chief Shannon Hunt said Martinez fired two rounds into the side door at the convenience market, as well as two shots into an unoccupied truck parked at the convenience market, prior to police arriving on the scene.

There were possibly as many as three individuals at the convenience market when the incident occurred, an employee, a repair worker and, possibly, a customer at the gasoline pumps. No individual was struck by the bullets.

At 2:55 p.m., law enforcement officers from multiple jurisdictions were dispatched to a report of “shots fired” at the convenience market.

First to arrive on the scene were Lt. Hale and Sgt. Lankford.

Upon arrival at the convenience market, the officers discovered a male subject sitting at the gas pumps which are located several feet  in front of the building.

After exiting their patrol vehicles, the two officers drew their weapons, holding the individual at gunpoint, demanding he show his hands, according to a police report filed by Lt. Hale.

While being held at gunpoint, the male subject “kept trying to get something from his pants”, the report indicates.

Martinez had a loaded weapon in his pant’s pocket when confronted by the officers.

As the two officers continued to hold the male subject at gunpoint, Sgt. Lankford worked his way toward Martinez, securing him from reaching for the handgun inside the pocket of his pants.

As Sgt. Lankford held the male suspect, Lt. Hale approached Martinez, handcuffing him, ending the threat of more gun fire, according to the report. 

Additional backup police units began arriving on the scene as Martinez was being apprehended, according to Lt. Hale’s report.

During the apprehension, Martinez was acting erratic “as if he seemed to be under the influence of some type of substance” and was said to have passed out after being handcuffed.

Narcan, a drug which reverses the effects of an overdose, was administered by officers.

 An ambulance arrived on the scene and Martinez was treated by medical personnel at the scene before being transported to Riverview Regional Medical Center in Carthage, where he was later transferred to Sumner Regional Medical Center in Gallatin.

Gordonsville Police Department Lt. Jason Kemp was called to the scene to investigate the shooting incident.

While firing two rounds through the glass side door of the convenience market, one of the rounds struck in the area of the drive-through window at the neighboring McDonalds restaurant, Chief Hunt said.

Also two rounds were fired into an unoccupied maintenance truck located at the front of the building, according to the police chief.

“We were fortunate no one was struck by a bullet during this incident,” the chief said.

Prior to the gunfire, Martinez had been sitting in the eating area of the convenience market when he suddenly got up, removing the handgun from his clothing and began firing into the glass door, according to Chief Hunt.

A clerk was inside the market when the shots were fired.

Martinez was said to have arrived in Gordonsville earlier in the day.


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