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New city hall location eyed in Carthage

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

Carthage city officials are eying property located on Upper Ferry Road as the potential location of a new city hall.

The location is a vacant lot and wooded area just east of the Elm Street intersection on the north side of Upper Ferry Road.

The discussion surfaced under the topic “approval of funds for land purchase on Upper Ferry Road” on Thursday night’s agenda as the council met for its March session.

Council members were not familiar with the location of the property. Information detailing the location was copied and dispersed to the council for review during the meeting.

The property would require site excavation including the removal of trees and an area would have to be filled in with dirt, Mayor Babcock informed council members.

In addition, the mayor noted the property is within the 500 year floodplain but not the 100 year floodplain.


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