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County property reappraisals leave residents in disbelief

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

After receiving their latest county property reappraisal, it was a feeling far beyond sticker shock experienced by many county property owners.

Some residents were hit with disbelief when the numbers were revealed.

Many were left wondering, “Can I still afford to live in Smith County?”.

A  newly married couple with both a house and car payment can’t afford it (living in Smith County), commented one local banker who is a native Smith Countian.

While the latest property reappraisal is not a chamber of commerce moment, for real estate investors and developers the county has become prime hunting grounds. 

For years, people have looked to relocate to Smith County where more affordable property was once readily available.

When notices were received through the mail last week, the county property tax reappraisals became the buzz around the county, overshadowing the first ever (county office) Republican and Democratic primary elections.

In some cases, the price of land has almost doubled since the  last reappraisal.

For other property owners, the increase may have not been as substantial.

While remaining predominantly rural, Smith County is no longer a refuge for individuals searching for affordable housing.


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