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Rescue squad frees man stuck in tree after dark

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

The county’s rescue squad successfully freed a man who was trapped in a tree in the Sullivans Bend community.

The individual was climbing up into a tree, attempting to set a trap for a raccoon when he slipped, according to a post on the Smith County Rescue Squad’s Facebook post.

As the man was falling downward, his knee became lodged in a fork in the tree, according to the post.

The man was described as being approximately four feet off the ground  and near a road when rescue personnel arrived on the scene, according to the post.

Using the rescue squad’s jaws of life, the man was freed from the tree.

The jaws of life was placed about 10 inches above the man’s knee in the fork of the tree to spread the branches apart, according to the post.

Once the branches were spread apart, the victim was able to lift  his leg up, freeing him from the tree.

Prior to the arrival of the jaws of life, rescue squad members Brian Smith and Roy Masters held the man up, helping to relieve pressure (pain) to the man’s leg, according to the post.


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