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Fire hall dedicated in honor of late Fire Chief Powell

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

The Defeated Creek Volunteer Fire Department building was recently dedicated in honor of the late Fire Chief Brandon Powell.

Powell was the charter fire chief of the department which was established as District 3 in October of 1986. 

The longtime fire chief passed away in September of 2016 at the age of 53 after battling cancer.

“As far as I am concerned Brandon will always be the chief of the Defeated Creek Fire Department. He built the department,” commented current Fire Chief Scott Edens, who assumed the position following the late chief’s passing.

Chief Edens went on to say the late Fire Chief Powell instilled in fellow members of the Defeated Creek Fire Department a dedication to serve the community and its people with passion which they continue to strive to do today in his honor.

Chief Edens said Defeated firefighters respond to the scene of a fire today to honor the late Fire Chief Powell.

Members of the department may receive training in skills to combat fires, it was the late Chief Powell who taught them how to be a fireman which includes dedication to the position as well as the community and people, Chief Edens said.

“The department was like a brotherhood to him as well as the previous and current firefighters. He loved his community. He always told us to do all you can for as long as you can and as hard as you can,” Chief Edens noted.

Since its formation, the department has had only two chiefs, the late Chief Powell and Chief Edens.


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