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25 Utility District locating in Tanglewood

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

A water service utility district is set to make its headquarters in the Tanglewood community.

25 Utility District recently purchased the building formerly owned by the late, well-known mechanic Dalton “Dude” Minchey, located on Highway 25.

The purpose of the building is to bring all property and services of 25 Utility District to one location, says George McDonald, who serves as the utility district’s chairman.

Once renovation of the property has been completed, equipment, supplies and office of the utility district will be located in facility.

The rear section of the building will serve as a storage area for equipment and materials, such as pipe, used by the utility district.

In addition, residents will now be able to pay their bills in the front office section of the facility which will include a drive-up window and an after hours/overnight deposit box.


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