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Carthage police locate multiple teens in several mailbox vandalism cases

As many as 21 mailboxes were damaged in Carthage, Defeated and Four Way Inn communities. Police have located multiple juveniles suspected in the case.

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

Law enforcement officials say multiple juveniles were involved in the vandalism of as many as 21 mailboxes in Carthage as well as two communities in the county.

Five mailboxes were either knocked off their posts or dented in Carthage. All of the mailboxes damaged were located on Jackson Avenue.

Meanwhile, in the Defeated and Four Way Inn communities as many as 16 mailboxes were destroyed or damaged.

Both the Carthage police and sheriffs department are investigating the case.

Carthage police began investigating the case around 1:30, Saturday, July 15 when the incident was reported.

Assistant Police Chief Jared Smith began taking statements from residents and reviewing video from home surveillance cameras.

The assistant chief was able to identify a suspected vehicle.

The vehicle was located by Carthage Officer Harry Brooks in the Walmart area.

Suspected individuals have been questioned by police.

Police Chief Britt Davis said the individuals have admitted to the vandalism.


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