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One charged in bomb threat

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

A juvenile is suspected in phoning in a bomb threat to the Waffle House in Gordonsville.

The fourteen year old male was officially charged by Gordonsville police in the case, Thursday.

Police were able to work with the telephone company, Verizon, and determine a location of the call and other information, leading to the arrest, said Police Chief Shannon Hunt, who commended officers involved in the investigation.

Gordonsville Officer Ian Grigg was dispatched to the business, located at the intersection of Gordonsville Highway and Rodgers Road, at 4:16 p.m., Tuesday.

Upon arrival at the business, Officer Grigg evacuated the building and checked the bathroom but found no suspicious items.

The call was answered by an employee of the restaurant.

A unknown male said, “There’s a bomb in the bathroom”, according to a police report.

The employee replied, “Excuse me” and the caller hung up, the report reads.

The employee told police the individual used a “voice charger” or tried to alter their voice.


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