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20th Annual Sherry’s Run In Memory Of Josh Dillard

Josh Dillard was a dedicated husband, father of two boys, and a man that knew where his strength came from in the midst of hard times. His wife, Hope Dillard described Josh as, “the most selfless person who looked for humor in every situation.” These characteristics remained in Josh even as an unforeseen battle unfolded before him. In January 2014, at just 27 years old, Josh was diagnosed with stage three Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The cancer diagnosis was a huge surprise because of Josh’s healthy and active lifestyle. In the midst of this diagnosis, Josh and Hope tried to remain positive for their two young sons. Tucker was three at the time, and Sawyer was four months old. Following the news, immediate support came from family, friends, church family, and coworkers from Wilson Bank & Trust. Hope stated, “Looking back, it’s hard to imagine the number of people who helped us in some way.”

As Josh’s cancer journey would continue for almost nine years, the support grew even larger through a Facebook page, Team Josh. Josh received so much support through the social media group and cherished the cards people sent him in the mail. During the pandemic in 2020, Josh even received a birthday parade that lasted almost an hour and required assistance from local law enforcement. Hope recalled, “Josh sat under a tent at the end of our driveway and watched as his friends and family drove by with cars decorated for his birthday. He was so humbled that everyone took the time to do that for him.”


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