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South Carthage bluff trimming of trees upcoming; temporary closing

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

Trees and bushes located along Highway 70 on the bluff at the south end of the Cordell Hull Bridge in South Carthage are expected to be cut and/or trimmed in the days ahead.

The targeted area runs from the former South Carthage Quick-N-Easy, a building which now sits empty, or Cedar Street intersection to the south end of the Cordell Hull Bridge.

The clearing is a Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) project which will require a temporary road closing while work is taking place, South Carthage Mayor Joey Nixon says.

TDOT officials say the Cordell Hull Bridge will remain open while the project is taking place, according to the mayor.

The project is scheduled to begin October 16, the same week school is out for fall break, meaning less traffic, the mayor notes.

It’s unclear if the road will only be closed while workers are present during daytime hours and reopen overnight or shutdown until the project is completed.

Dates for TDOT projects of this nature are sometimes subject to change. Weather or other factors could lead to a change in plans.


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