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Nyrstar says approximately 75 percent of 340 workers laid off

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

Hundreds of workers in Smith County have been laid off as Nyrstar’s Middle Tennessee Mines’ (zinc mine) “temporarily pause in production operations” is underway.

According to the latest from a Nyrstar spokesperson, the company employed approximately 340 workers at mines within the county when the “temporary pause” began Thursday (November 30).

Approximately 75 percent of those employees have been laid off, according to the spokesperson.

With the “temporary pause in production”, the company is retaining a “minimal staff” and some employees will relocate to work in East Tennessee mines and Clarksville operations, all owned by the company.

While the spokesperson said the “temporary pause” in production officially began on Thursday (November 30), various sources say several employees left their workplace at the mines the day before.

When asked, Nyrstar did not comment on severance package for laid off employees.


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