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Third grade retention law looms with TCAP scores to be released

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

School officials should soon know the impact on local students of a highly controversial new state third grade retention law.

Results of TCAP scores are expected to be provided by the state to the local school system before the end of May. There are some reports, the results could be made available by the state as soon as this week.

The new state third grade retention law states students “determined not to be proficient in English language arts may not be promoted to the next grade level, without certain conditions being met which could include the student receiving additional interventions in reading”.

Opposed by many parents, educators, school boards and legislators across the state, the new law has led increased anxiety for third grade students, their parents and third teachers.

“I think we’re going to be okay,” commented Pre-K-eighth grade Supervisor of Instruction Angel Williams. “I wasn’t so sure back in October (of last year).” 

Throughout the school year, teachers and school officials have stressed to parents and students the importance of TCAP scores in this area of testing.

Besides parents and students, this year teachers have felt increased pressure to insure their students perform well in this area of TCAP testing because of the new law.

Third grade teachers take pride in their students achieving required goals and don’t want them to miss the benchmark, Williams explained.

As soon as school officials receive the test results, parents are expected to be informed of their child’s status.


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