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Bears lurking out there

Beehives ravaged; ‘I hope he got sick at his stomach’

By Eddie West

Staff Writer

Following an investigation conducted by the sheriffs department and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) all the evidence in a vandalism and theft of honey case points to a bear.

Defeated beekeeper Rue Allen Dillehay was startled to discover several beehives located yards behind his residence knocked over as well as scattered about and drained of honey.

“It was like a bomb had went off,” described Dillehay.

The culprit left a trail of racks, which were filled with ready to harvest honey, well into a wooded area.

After the discovery, Dillehay contacted Sheriff Steve Hopper who went to the scene. Sheriff Hopper contacted TWRA Officer Bob Lowery who also came to the scene to investigate.

Dillehay, Sheriff Hopper and Wildlife Officer Lowery have come to the same conclusion the culprit was a bear.

“I hope he got sick at his stomach,” says a disgusted Dillehay. “He even eat some of the bees. I could see where he laid down and wallowed around on the ground, I followed the frames into the woods.”


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